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Seven Little-Known Shift Key Operations, You May Know Up to Three!

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There are many shortcut key operations in Windows operating system, among which Shift key has many functions. During my personal use, I found that following habits are indeed unconsciously used in daily life, which are more useful and This kind of operations do not very accurate, first master these useful ones and gradually get used to faster operations.

Seven Little-Known Shift Key Operations, You May Know Up to Three!

1. The Ctrl+Shift key is used to switch input methods (optional: Ctrl+Space to switch input methods).

2. Use Shift+Space to quickly switch between half-width and full-width in Chinese input state. If you don't understand what half and full width is, you can open Notepad and type it in for comparison. Simply put, these are Chinese and English characters. Difference.

3. Close tiered folder window:

In File Explorer, hold down Ctrl key and click on a folder to open that folder and its subfolders in a separate window, so we have to close those folders one at a time? ? Of course not, we can hold down Shift key and click "Close" button so that all folder windows of this folder window and parent ones are closed.

4. Select continuous files:

Select first file first, hold down Shift key and select another file, then all files between diagonals of two files will be selected. (Addition: if you select multiple intervals, you can press and hold Ctrl key)

5. Delete files directly:

Press and hold Shift key while pressing Delete key (or perform a delete operation) to delete file directly, bypassing Recycle Bin.

6. Change file's associated program:

For an unassociated file, we can first hold down Shift key, then right-click on file, and then select "Open With" from pop-up menu to re-select its associated program or replace another software to open, but and hold down Shift key to replace.

7. Press Shift + F10 to replace right mouse button.