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Countermeasures for high computer CPU usage


Often when using a computer, system suddenly becomes very slow. At this time, most people can directly check CPU usage level through task manager, and then they will find that CPU usage rate is extremely high, even reaching 100%, what should I do? Let me explain to you how to deal with computer's high CPU usage.

After CPU usage becomes too high, speed of computer will obviously slow down. If CPU usage reaches maximum value of 100%, it may cause extremely slow operation or crash. When we encounter situation where computer CPU usage rate is too high, how to solve it? Let me share with you solutions for high computer CPU usage rate.

Reason 1: High CPU usage due to hardware

In fact, hardware aspect determines a relatively large relationship. For example, if computer is still a classic computer using original single-core Celeron class processor, then such a computer will easily cause CPU usage when opening a few more web pages. If speed is too high, no matter how you optimize system, this problem cannot be solved well, mainly because hardware itself is too low.

Countermeasures for high computer CPU usage

Reason 2: High CPU usage caused by software

This aspect is mainly related to system problems such as a system that is too bloated, too many programs are open, and viruses and Trojan horses on computer cause high CPU usage and slow down computer. The solution is mainly related to optimizing system, optimizing startup items, trying to avoid opening too many programs, and so on.

Countermeasures for high computer CPU usage

1. Avoid virus infection

If your computer has viruses or trojans, trojans and malware are likely to take up a lot of CPU resources, especially some stubborn viruses and trojans that circulate viciously all time infecting various system files and take up a lot of CPU resources. In this case, it is easy to cause CPU usage to be too high. Even a high CPU cannot withstand repeated running of a large amount of malware. Therefore, if CPU usage turned out to be too high, we should first consider whether it is a virus in computer. It is recommended to install an antivirus , such as Jinshan, to carry out comprehensive inspection and destruction.

2. After exclusion of virus infection

Next, we need to start by optimizing system. First of all, it's a good idea to optimize and enable startup items, and also try to make software you don't need start automatically without downloading, such as some player software, bank security plugins, etc. This is absolutely necessary. It's time again turn on, no need to turn on.

3. Close unnecessary program processes

Countermeasures for high computer CPU usage

If you find that CPU usage is high, we can go into Task Manager and close some unnecessary programs and processes.

4. Optimizing elements of system services

In operating system, many system services are enabled by default, but some of them are very important and should be running, and some are not. For example, our computer does not have a printer, wireless network, etc., so printer function and wireless network system services can be completely disabled, etc. This can also save system resources and save more CPU resources.