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Why does computer automatically turn off? Attached Cause Analysis


When we use computers in everyday life and at work, most of us have experienced a situation where computer automatically turned off. Whether it is at work, when we play games or make purchases, computer will automatically shut down will have a great impact. Why? When this situation occurs, following will give you a detailed introduction and analysis.

Analysis of reasons for automatic shutdown of computer:

1. Heat dissipation problem: If computer has not been dust cleaned for a long time, or if computer has been used for a long time, there will be too much dust on CPU cooling fan and graphics card, CPU speed is insufficient, and CPU silicone grease will dry out, causing temperature to rise, resulting in to automatically shut down computer. After reboot, you can use CPU temperature tool to check temperature of hardware. Solution: Remove dust and replace thermal paste.

2. Power issues: Power failure, no power, insufficient power, and a disconnected power cord can also cause your computer to shut down automatically. Also check for power outages.

3. Hardware Failure: If memory module and motherboard slot are loose, or graphics card is loose, it will cause a shutdown.

4. Software Issues: Some programs automatically close and restart after kernel configuration change, auto shutdown, etc.

5.System issues: System errors, system files are lost, and system crashes for unknown reasons while system is running, resulting in a blue screen or automatic shutdown.

6. BIOS problem: BIOS settings, motherboard BIOS settings are incorrect, enter BIOS to restore factory settings.

7. Viruses: Virus-infected malicious viruses control system, interfere with certain configurations, etc., or are controlled remotely.

8. Hardware incompatibility: If it is a newly installed computer, it will shut down due to a hardware incompatibility.

9. External causes: Unstable mains voltage. As a rule, operating voltage range of a switching power supply for home computers is 170-240 V. When mains voltage is lower than 170 V, computer will automatically restart or turn off.

10. Memory problem: if chip on memory card is not completely damaged, it will most likely pass self-test (because most of them are set to POST), but this will be caused by high heat generated by memory during operation Unexpected restart due to malfunction. Most of time when memory is corrupted, it will give an alarm when powered on, but after memory is corrupted, there will be no alarm, and there will still be failures without turning on power. It is best to use elimination method to quickly determine location of themalfunctions.

Why does computer automatically turn off? Attached Cause Analysis

The above is editor's summary of why computer automatically shuts down. Most cases are caused by the above reasons, and netizens can fix them one by one.