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Is there data in computer's memory after shutting down?


In layman's terms, role of a memory card in a computer is equivalent to a bridge that is responsible for handling data exchange between data on hardware such as a hard drive, motherboard, graphics card, and processor.

Is there data in computer's memory after shutting down?

All computer data is transferred to processor via memory card and processor for transmission and processing. Some friends may wonder why data is not directly processed and exchanged with processor?

In fact, if you know memory, you will know that read and store speeds in memory are fastest, and direct communication speed with data bus on motherboard is very slow. also consider memory as a data buffer area and have a cache area. It is also more conducive to processing speed of computer.

Memory read speed is directly related to its frequency. The memory algebra determines its operating frequency. The higher algebra, higher frequency and higher efficiency.

Currently, we usually use 4th generation memory and part of 3rd generation memory. The main memory frequency of fourth generation is 2133 MHz and 2400 MHz. Third generation memory uses most of 1333 MHz and most of it is 1600 MHz.

Although speed of memory access is fast, it is also different from memory such as a hard disk. It cannot be saved without a power failure.

Therefore, computer's memory cannot be used as storage for storing any files. This is a significant difference from hard drives.