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When assembling a desktop computer, experience of selecting a computer case


When assembling a computer, we often only care about main components, such as processor, graphics card, and memory. When it comes to computer cases, most of them only care about looks. , because it has no technical content, Is computer case that we neglected so important?

A good case should not only provide enough storage space for equipment, if case is good enough, it also has anti-static, EMI protection, radiation shielding, noise reduction and other functions, and if board case is good enough, it can also resist pressure, shock and dust. In addition, there is an air duct design to increase heat dissipation.

When assembling a desktop computer, experience of selecting a computer case

In addition, when we choose a chassis, we should choose a chassis with a lower power supply, which can pass through back line so that wiring is not dirty, which is convenient for later maintenance, and will not occupy interior of chassis, which contributes to dissipation chassis heat.

Steel plate

Currently, there are three types of chassis steel sheet: SECC electro-galvanized steel sheet, SGCC hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, and SPCC cold-rolled sheet. The main ones are SECC and SGCC. SECC has good formability and is easy to paint, while SGCC has strong anti-corrosion properties and is cheaper in cost. The method of distinguishing between these two materials is only in appearance. The SECC steel plate is silver gray, and surface is relatively uniform. , while surface of SGCC steel plate will be polygonal. Generally, it is a hexagonal flower. If flower is smaller, it means thickness is larger and relative quality is higher.

When assembling a desktop computer, experience of selecting a computer case

Because cost of SGCC hot dip galvanized steel is low, there are many SGCC chassis on market, and famous brand machines often choose SGCC. Due to cost issues, most inexpensive cabinets use low quality SPCC cold rolled sheets, but they have highest gloss.

Also, when buying a chassis, some will promote all-aluminum, but it should be clear that they do not mean pure aluminum, but magnesium-aluminum alloy. However, cost is high and it is easy to deform, so it is usually used in high-end chassis.


There are two types of panels: HIPS and ABS. HIPS plastic is derived from PS plastic. Compared with PS plastic, compressive strength has been improved, but overall performance of HIPS is still low, but due to its low cost, low-cost products will be used. ABS plastic has good fire resistance, can be opaque or transparent, light yellow, high hardness, good toughness, easy to match with metal, convenient for electroplating and spraying, corrosion resistant, and often used in high-end chassis. The HIPS identification method is very simple: it has poor color, poor texture, and low strength, so it is relatively brittle.

When assembling a desktop computer, experience of selecting a computer case


Other aspects should be clear to everyone, so I'll mention them here.

Heat dissipation: number and location of fans and their cooling channels. The fan is best with a large diameter that can dissipate heat from components that generate a lot of heat, such as CPU.

Thickness: The thickness of steel sheet must be more than 1.66mm, and thickness of bottom of case is often about 0.6mm, and strength is not guaranteed.

Corners: Turned edges are better than flakes. The folded edges not only prevent accidental injury during installation, but are also more resistant to twisting.

Gap: If case has good electromagnetic shielding ability, then there should not be too many holes and gaps. In simple terms, hole should not exceed 3 cm, and all removable parts should be able to conduct with case, that is, chassis should have shielding shrapnel, which connects chassis frame and other components into a single unit and prevents leakage of electromagnetic waves. Surely some people will think that I install a fan larger than 3 cm, right? That's right, for this, there must be an electromagnetic fan shielding mesh (filter) on case. This filter can not only enhance electromagnetic shielding, but also has a dustproof effect. After all, cleaning filter is much easier than cleaning fan.

Transparent Chassis: Even though a transparent chassis looks good, if you want quality, definitely don't go for a transparent chassis. Whether it is fully transparent or transparent on side, strength of chassis is very low, and internal boards are greatly affected for a long time.

In general, computer case is indeed less important than other components, but when computer is in use, case may last longest since other hardware will be upgraded at any time and case may remain unchanged. Change, so when buying a chassis, do not focus only on beautiful appearance.