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Wechat chat history deleted by mistake? so you can get it back


As soon as phone rings, first thing you will feel is to pick up phone to see if there is a WeChat message. Do you have this feeling?

This is someone who uses WeChat a lot!

However, when WeChat is used for a long time, memory of mobile phone becomes smaller and smaller, so many friends delete chat history.

However, important chat entries are often deleted by accident!

So today I will teach you how to recover WeChat chat history.

Scenario 1:

How to sync WeChat chat history on old mobile phone with new mobile phone?

Actually, you only need to open WeChat on your old phone, press I-Settings-General-select "Backup and transfer chat recordings";

Choose to transfer your chat history to another device, follow instructions on your phone to choose to transfer all of your chat history or transfer part of your chat history to your new phone, and finally use your new phone to scan the QR code. on an old phone~

Special reminder: new and old mobile phones must be in same Wi-Fi environment, otherwise transmission will not be possible!

Scenario 2.

How to recover accidentally deleted WeChat chat recordings?

1. Backup and restore via WeChat on PC side

Login to WeChat on a computer - open WeChat on a computer, select three icon, click "Backup and Restore";

After going to page, click to restore chat history on your mobile phone, check friends you need to restore, and confirm restoration on your mobile phone.

2. With Apple Recovery Master

First, we download Apple Recovery Master to your computer. To avoid piracy, you can go directly to official website and download appropriate version according to your computer system.

(Official website address: http://www.ifonebox.cn/)

Apple Recovery Master is Apple's professional data recovery tool designed to provide iOS users with safe and reliable data recovery and backup services. Supports recovery of nearly 20 items such as text messages, photos, WeChat chat records, contacts. etc. data.

A specific operation looks like this:

❶ Download software from official Apple Recovery Master website, and after launching it, select default "Recovery by Device Scan" to proceed to next step. The advantage of this mode is that no previous backup will affect use of.

❷ Then click WeChat Chat History icon in item selection interface and wait for software to scan.

❸ After scanning, you can go to WeChat chat history recovery page.

Apple Recovery Master carefully distinguishes between deleted and recovered data by color. In fact, what is shown in orange is deleted WeChat chat history.

❹ We can directly check required data, or we can search for chat records we need in search box in upper right corner by keywords, and then click [Restore to Computer] in lower right corner Export for viewing .

3. Search and download [Brother Guo] in app store

If your hands-on ability is not strong or you are completely new to computer, you can also repair it directly with help of professionals! For example: Brother Guo!

Guoshixiong APP is a mobile phone and computer data processing service platform. The technical team continues to use advanced data recovery tools.

The feature of software is manual service, a one-on-one online dating service!

Brother Guo's Service Process:

After downloading and installing, select [WeChat] to make an appointment to place an order, and an engineer will start service after receiving order and help you recover your lost data one by one~


Okay, editor has taught you all techniques. Guys, choose way that suits you!

In general, WeChat chat recordings are especially important for people who use WeChat as office documents to send and receive, so it's best to back up at usual time!

(Note: friends who need a download link for [Apple Recovery Master] or [Guo Shixiong] can contact editor in background.)