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Where is ip address of computer?

Where is ip address of computer?

A computer's IP address is an address used to identify devices that communicate with each other on a network, and can be thought of as "identification number" of computer. Knowing device's IP address, we can perform data interactions on network, such as file transfers and video calls. So where do we check computer's IP address?

First, we can check computer's IP address using command that comes with system. On a Windows operating system, open a command prompt or PowerShell window and type "ipconfig" to view machine's current IP address and other network information.

On a Mac operating system, we can click Apple icon in top left corner, select System Preferences, and then click Network to view current connected network information, including IP address and subnet mask. router address, etc.

In addition, we can also check computer's IP address using some third-party tools. For example, in Windows operating system, we can use free IP Scanner software, which can scan devices in current local network, check IP address and MAC address of device, etc.

Finally, it should be noted that computer's IP address is not fixed, it will change according to changes in network environment. For example, when we switch from one Wi-Fi network to another, computer's IP address will change accordingly. Therefore, if we need to perform operations such as data interaction or remote control, it is best to write down IP address of device and update it in time.

In short, checking computer's IP address can help us better manage network devices and communicate more effectively with data. We can view IP address of a computer using commands supplied with a Windows or Mac system or using third party tools. At same time, we must also pay attention to changes in IP addresses and update records in a timely manner.