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What is normal speed of a computer processor fan?


What is normal fan speed for a computer processor? I think a lot of people are more concerned about that. Today I will introduce you to him.

The CPU is main component of a computer and is also one of hardware that generates most heat among computer components. The amount of heat dissipation by a CPU fan is often related to CPU temperature. There is no fixed answer for a normal CPU fan speed because motherboard chipset usually has a fixed function to adjust CPU speed. When CPU is running more tasks, it generates more heat. The motherboard chipset will control CPU fan to increase RPM according to heat dissipation requirement.

What is normal speed of a computer processor fan?

Generally speaking, when computer starts up, CPU fan spins at about 2000-2500 RPM. These data are not absolute and also depend on room temperature. In winter, it is lower, if you play games or run programs, and CPU chip temperature reaches more than 60 degrees, fan will reach more than 5000 rpm or even higher.

There is no specific CPU fan speed standard, but there is a rule that fan noise should not exceed 50 dB. So, generally speaking, 8cm and 9cm fans should be below 4000 RPM. Of course, higher fan speed, better heat dissipation, but noise is also loudest, so we need to make sure CPU can dissipate heat well and reduce noise, while we need to buy a better heatsink. A copper-aluminum combo heatsink with a 9cm fan costs about 50-60 yuan.