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How to set a laptop lock screen

How to set a laptop lock screen

Setting a lock screen on your laptop can protect your personal privacy and security of your computer when you step away from your computer. The following describes how to set laptop lock screen in Windows operating system:

1. Use keyboard shortcuts. In Windows operating system, you can use Win+L keyboard shortcuts to lock your computer's screen.

2. Set automatic screen lock: You can set time and conditions for automatic screen lock in Control Panel-Personalization-Screensaver. During set time, if computer is not in use, it will automatically lock screen.

3. Set power button function. You can set power button function in Control Panel - Power Options and set it to lock screen.

4. Set a login password. Set a login password in Settings-Account-Login so that after locking screen, you need to enter a password to unlock it.

Please note that locking your screen is only a simple security measure and cannot fully guarantee security of your computer. It is recommended that you turn off your computer or sign out of your account when you leave your computer to better protect your personal privacy and computer security.