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How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide


Hello everyone, a friend recently left a message below Xiaojiang's article saying that he hopes to post some articles on how to install and match. So I changed my mind and thought that I can really recommend collocation of installed accessories to everyone. As a result, I came up with this article. This article is mainly for beginners how to pick up a computer. This is just a recommendation for you. , You still need to select specific accessories.

How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide

First of all, let me explain some of Shenshuibao's configuration considerations: First, we've always had a misunderstanding of machine setup, that is, whole machine. The main thing is configuration, not platform or JS. That is, configuration is selected, bundle is reasonable, price is acceptable, whether you want to install it yourself or ask seller to install it for you. Not most people understand: spare parts are better than whole machine, and there must be problems when installing them. If there is a problem in stage of selecting accessories, there is a problem with equipment. You can go to Shenshuibao to buy parts and assemble them yourself Something went wrong.

The configurations of some "black" shops are really good, and some problems with RP exist in electronic products themselves. It is not said that they will not fail or fail. The same product always has problems. And no problem, what we can do is do our best to choose best quality products, reduce failure rate instead of blindly paying attention to price, electronic products are not disposable goods, they will be used for several years (local rich friends deliberately ignore )

Basically, there is only wrong buying and no wrong selling. Do not be greedy for trifles, remember this.

Electronic products are always worth what you pay for, stable or cheap, don't you think? The price of beggarly version and top version of same model is different, and quality is also different.

Please friends, in order to familiarize yourself with configuration, you need to consult following points as much as possible:

1. Budget (i.e. upper limit of purchase price you can afford): Try to stay within a budget of 100, eg 3500-36002. Primary Purpose (list commonly used software or games, and be as specific as possible about which software, which game):3. Do you need a monitor and what size is it (19, 20, 21.5, 22, etc.):4.Case requirements (is it on back line, how does it affect appearance? Requirements.) :5, Do you need peripherals such as keyboard and mouse, headphones (please explain specific purpose of keyboard and mouse. Please explain type of songs you listen to with headphones):6, size of required hard drive, whether solid state is required (500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, etc.): 7. Are there any old accessories that can continue to be used (if yes, indicate that it does not need to be replaced): 8. Special requirements (that is, your special requirements for car): 9, whether to overclock (Xiaobai basically does not need to consider this):10, online stores OR organization (that is, intended method of purchase):11, if you need to update sentences, please use "Master Lou" Submit a picture

How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide
How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide

If you are using a gaming oriented machine, I5-9400F and R5-3600 are recommended. I3-9100F and G series is usually enough for LOL or office gaming. Of course, price of first generation Ryzen for home office is quite cheap. Buy and buy, buy new ones instead of old ones if you play games.

Hard + Mechanical:

How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide

The solid state drive is same as above, there are many brands and models, different brands should not be considered as much as possible, and pursuit of stability should be a priority. After all, it is not same as a processor with high technical content. It cannot be imitated, and quality control is strict enough, so nothing will happen. Failure, so flaws will cause serious errors and basically cannot be used.

Capacity selection: It is recommended to start with 240 GB. The price of SSDs is still relatively low. No need to save tens of dollars to buy 120 GB. This may not be enough for home entertainment. If you just use it to monitor checkout and control cost, then a little bit cheaper. Many people think that solid state is just installation of system and computer will be faster. No, data will be faster if data is placed on solid state drive.

Interface selection. The SATA solid state protocol for M.2 interface is essentially same as SATA protocol for 2.5" solid state is more versatile. The M.2 interface must be solid state with NVME protocol. The solid state capacity of SATA interface is large and price is affordable, while M.2 NVME protocol is fast and price is relatively high, which can be determined according to your needs.

Recommended brands: Kingston, Toshiba, Intel, Samsung, Hikvision, etc.

Mechanical hard drive (Seagate Western Digital capacity depends on how much Miss Sister has)


How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide

Intel Motherboard Platform Compliance┃low-end motherboard: H310 (forG4900/G5400/8100/9100/9400)┃mid-range motherboard: B360/365 (9100/9400/ 9600) / 9700)┃High-end motherboard: Z390 (9600K/9600KF/9700K/9700KF/9900K/9900KF)Compliant with AMD motherboard platform┃Low-end motherboard: A320 ( adapted to< br>3200G/ 2400G/2200G3500X/3400G/)┃Medium motherboard: B450 (for 3600X/3600/3700X/2700X/2700/3500X/3400G)┃High class: X570 (for 3700X/3800X/3900X/3950X)

Motherboard brands typically include: Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, Colorful, etc.

There are many small models under each large model, and you need to think about purchase yourself. If you have less money, you can buy a small one, and if you have more money, you can upgrade to flagship level. For detailed inquiries, please contact Internet


How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide

Memory selection is relatively easy, average novice gamer doesn't need to think about overclocking, etc. Basically, just buy appropriate frequency, DDR4 memory is usually chosen. If your own budget is not very sufficient, you may want to consider purchasing 3rd generation memory on a DDR3 motherboard, which is also available.

The Intel platform can choose 2666 or 2400 Hz. AMD platform usually supports higher memory frequency. You can choose a memory with a frequency of about 3000 Hz. Be sure to check maximum frequency supported by your motherboard before purchasing. Otherwise, buy A 2666Hz memory motherboard only supports 2400, which is like wasting some money.

Capacity selection: now memory is not expensive, 8G is starting price, and those who can use 16G can directly use 16G, which will greatly improve complex multitasking. If you use less than 32G of memory, it is not necessary. After all, daily games are rarely full. Of course, it is better to design more. As for how large it is, it depends on application.

Recommended memory brands: Kingston, Apacer. Zhiqi, GALAX, ADATA, Team Group, Corsair, etc.

Should computer's memory frequency be as high as possible? Does motherboard limit memory?

Select video card:

NVIDIA FTX1660super and 1650super are on market. With same performance, these two graphics cards may be considered by more people. After all, 1660Ti and 1660super are more than 200 times more expensive than 1660super, but only about 5% faster. , It seems very low.

NVIDIA graphics cards:┃Entry-level entry-level graphics cards (under RMB 1000): GTX1650/GTX1050TI/GTX1050┃Mass-level mid-range graphics cards (RMB1000-3000): GTX1650 SUPER/GTX1660/GTX1660 SUPER/GTX1660TI/RTX2060/RTX2060 SUPER┃High-end gaming graphics card (RMB 3000-6000): RTX2070 SUPER/RTX 2080/RTX 2080 SUPER┃Enthusiast gaming graphics card (CNY 6000 or less): RTX2080TI

How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide

AMD graphics card:┃Entry-level budget graphics card (less than RMB 1000): RX560XT//RX580 2048SP/RX580┃Medium mainstream graphics card (RMB 1000-3000). RMB): RX590/RX5700/RX5700XT (public version)┃High-end gaming graphics card (over 3000 yuan): RX5700XT (non-public version)

How to choose a computer configuration? Super detailed setup guide

AMD RX5500 was released this month, its performance is close to 1650super, but price does not have much advantage, it can be said that Lao Huang's 1650super is perfect ambush 5500, but AMD's graphics card tends to lower price. after a while, I hope it can be salvaged in some situations. AMD's chicken blood driver at end of year can be seen as a shot in arm for its graphics card market, and next year's RX5600 is also worth looking forward to (Performance is said to be comparable to RTX2060, this knife is a bit crooked)


The energy core of whole machine and guarantee normal and long-term operation of equipment, choosing a good power supply is definitely top priority, because a good power supply has a high conversion ratio. The 80PLUS standard can also provide you with a reference standard. Whether it is a white card or a bronze medal, as long as it is not a red card, it can be used. Do not skimp on power supply, otherwise you may lose whole host.

Recommended power supply brands: Great Wall, Zhenhua, Huntkey, Cooler Master, Tt, etc. The specific wattage selection can be found in my previous article, so I won't go into details here.

How to choose right power supply? The article teaches to calculate force of force

About chassis, to put it bluntly, if you have money, you can do better. What is transparent on side, what is completely transparent, and fan is completely filled, just pay attention to design of air duct. no money, shoeboxes can be used to dissipate heat. Fortunately, basically chassis quality of about 200 can fully meet needs of users. For a detailed selection, I also have an article earlier. If you are interested, you can read it.

Can a shoe box be used for chassis? Or choose a Hanhan tie? Hull Selection Tutorial! computer master

The above is a detailed guide on how to match and match accessories provided to you today by Xiaojiang. After reading this article, you will be able to understand how to choose installed accessories. You can try to make a configuration list by yourself and then go to Tieba and other places to consult with big guys and improve it gradually. Installing a host is easy and difficult, but it's still more enjoyable and rewarding to learn by yourself and then install host yourself.

There are also friends who recently left a message in comments, saying is it okay to buy accessories and install them yourself, and installation is so simple that it will make a video, and it is not easy to learn. Friends, please don't generalize, same is true Different people are different, just like now, if you catch a cold, it's hard to cure, or a lot of people go to hospital, if you can't clean house during Chinese New Year, there are still a lot of people going to hire housekeepers, sowhy? The pace of modern life is relatively fast, too many people have no time to do one thing slowly, you let him buy parts and assemble himself, this may not be a problem for some people or enthusiasts who have a lot of leisure and free time. time, but vast majority of friends who work hard at work and outside of work let him pretend to be himself, even if he has a heart and no time, and some of them for good money, you can buy several thousand computers and spend some money. Then pack it, send it home, plug it in and use it directly, isn't that very flattering. Just like I do now, some clients and friends do not understand how to connect mainframe when they are sent home. The 9400F plugs video cable into motherboard, which is everywhere. Although the 9102 is almost over, there are still many friends who are not very good at computers. I understand, so don't always follow your own standards. I can do what others can do, but you may not be able to do what others can. It is better to respect Xiaobai's position and don't generalize.