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What is safe mode on a computer?


Safe Mode is a special mode in Windows operating system. Friends who often use computers will definitely not be unfamiliar. In safe mode, users can easily fix some system errors, which allows them to achieve twice result with half effort. The working principle of safe mode is to start computer without loading any third-party device drivers, so that computer runs in minimum system mode so that users can easily detect and resolve computer system errors.

If computer has a problem and needs to enter safe mode, restart XP and win7 and press F8, while win8 and win10 are relatively troublesome and should be set in computer settings. Partners can download it from Baidu.

Login interface for XP and Win7 to enter safe mode:

What is safe mode on a computer?

Win8, Win10 and Win11 login interface to enter safe mode:

What is safe mode on a computer?
What is safe mode on a computer?

What does safe mode do? I'll tell you in detail!

1. Remove some stubborn files

Under normal circumstances, while using your computer, when deleting certain files or emptying Recycle Bin, system may display message "The file is in use and cannot be deleted." Delete mode. Windows will automatically release control of these files.

Second, System Restore in Safe Mode

If your computer cannot start now and can only enter Safe Mode, you can restore your system in Safe Mode. After entering Safe Mode, click Start → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools → System Restore, close System Restore Wizard, and then select option to Restore my computer to an earlier time. Click button "Next", click bold date on calendar to select a system restore point, and click "Next" button to restore system.

What is safe mode on a computer?

3. Removing viruses in safe mode

When using a computer, sometimes a computer may be accidentally infected with a virus. Usually, virus cannot be completely checked and destroyed in case of Windows. In this case, we can start safe mode and Windows system will only load necessary sequence of drivers so that virus can be completely destroyed.

Fourth, unlock Group Policy in Safe Mode

Actually, Group Policy restrictions in Windows are enforced by loading certain registry keys, but this restriction is not loaded in safe mode. After reboot, press and hold F8 key (win8, win10 is selected in startup settings), and in closed multiboot menu window, select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt". After logging into desktop, type "C:WindowsSystem32XXX.exe (in order you started)" in startup command prompt, launch console, and then follow steps above to remove restrictions, and finally restart normal login system into system to unlock. (Note: Many Group Policy restrictions cannot be lifted in Safe Mode. If you encounter restrictions that cannot be removed, you can only log in to change)

5. Troubleshooting a System Crash

If Windows is unstable or unable to start normally, don't blindly reinstall system at this time, try restarting computer and go into safe mode to start, and then restart computer, is system back to normal? ? If system crash is caused by a registry issue, this method is very effective because Windows can actively fix registry problem when it starts in safe mode.

What is safe mode on a computer?

6. Restore system settings

When using a computer, if you download "cancer" software, software will modify registry (or others) and may prevent it from starting normally. In this case, I can uninstall software in safe mode and restore it after download is complete!

What is safe mode on a computer?

Seventh, detect malicious self-executing programs

If computer has some inexplicable errors such as not being able to access internet and problem is detected according to common thinking, you can start it in safe mode with a network connection to take a look. Or service is interfering with normal network connection.

VIII. Check hardware compatibility

When computer is malfunctioning or other needs, sometimes a memory card (or SSD...etc) is added to host computer and driver is installed after installation, but driver still cannot be used We can detect it in safe mode!

Computer Safe Mode is to enter this mode for troubleshooting and repair when operating system is abnormal. In this mode, system starts only base system, and other applications will not start. Users can easily fix some problems that cannot be solved in system. The way safe mode works is to start computer without loading any third-party device drivers, so that computer runs in minimal system mode so that you can easily detect and resolve computer system errors.