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What does graphics card package mean?


Many DIY installation friends will come to my brother to ask what is work package graphics card. While there are tons of answers to these questions on Baidu, there are also different opinions. Wrong opinion. Today, editor briefly talks about hardware problem of working package, hoping to help those who do not understand.

What does graphics card package mean?
Graphic card concept

The package hardware includes graphics cards, motherboards, etc. What is a labor package? Industrial packaging, hence name Siyi Industrial Packaging, can be understood as simple packaging, unlike non-industrial packaging equipment, which has exquisite outer packaging, manuals, etc. Take video card work bag for example, its packaging is usually cardboard box or plain plastic anti-static bag. Why is this so? Since groups of industrial packaging equipment are not same, industrial packaging equipment is usually designed for enterprises that buy in bulk, such as companies, Internet cafes, etc. This kind of bulk purchasing does not require exquisite packaging.

What does graphics card package mean?
Can I buy a graphics card with a work package?

The accessories of labor kit are not used or defective goods, they are also produced by conventional manufacturers and have a warranty period. In general, package hardware will be slightly reduced in terms of workmanship, such as graphics card PCB panel is small, frequency is lower, and power supply is smaller. But it cannot be said that this is a low-quality product, because it is much cheaper than non-working packaging, and manufacturer simply reduces cost. Just like when you buy shoes of same brand in different sizes, larger size may be more expensive and smaller size may be cheaper, because small size shoes need to use less material than large size shoes, and manufacturer's cost is lower. .Currently, small sizes are being sold. Can you say that small size shoes are a low-quality product because they are cheaper than large sizes? Obviously not. Working package hardware is more commonly found at low prices. E-commerce platforms use more to assemble complete machines. In fact, there is no way to tell if you can buy it or not. Remember that you get what you pay for. computer, you need low price, good quality and high performance. After all, my brother suggested that if you have enough budget for DIY hosts, you should buy smartly packaged hardware.