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Graphics and text explain difference between a computer graphics card and a card.


Card A and card N mentioned by everyone refer to graphics card of computer. When it comes to card A and card N, friends who understand computer hardware and hardware should be relatively clear. Friends who are not hardware savvy should ask. I think everyone has such a question, what is card A? What is N card again? What is difference between map A and map N? Next, editor will explain to you difference between an n map and a map.

Users who have studied computer graphics cards know that card A originally refers to an ATI graphics card, but after ATI was acquired by AMD, it was also referred to as an AMD graphics card as an A card, and N card refers to one made by NVIDIA .Many users can't tell difference between graphics card, which causes users a lot of inconvenience when setting up computer. So how can you tell whether graphics card is an A card or an N card? Next, editor will explain difference between an n map and a map.

What is difference between map n and map

Card A used to be a graphics card with an ATI graphics chip. Currently, ATI has been acquired by AMD. Card A is called an AMD graphics card. Map A works include Radium.

Graphics and text explain difference between a computer graphics card and a card.

The N card is a graphics card with an NVIDIA graphics chip. N series cards include GeForce (GTX) series, GeForce FX (GT) series, etc. You can buy an N card first at same price.

Graphics and text explain difference between a computer graphics card and a card.

Based on parameters and actual operation, it can be concluded that each stream processor in N card GPU has a full ALU (arithmetic logic unit) function, and each stream processor can fully operate when issuing a work instruction. The 5 stream processing units of each stream processor in card A's GPU are fixed and cannot be disassembled and reassembled. If each stream processor can only process one 4D instruction when processing pure 4D instructions, there is one stream processor unit idle, but cannot join other groups to work together.

But ATI's design also has a remarkable feature - powerful floating-point computing capabilities. In other words, if you're just competing with floating point capability of display core, ATI could be stronger. In terms of scientific computing, which is currently widely used in GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) projects, could theoretically adapt to GPU integration and CPU.

The technical focus of N cards and A cards is that N cards focus on 3D performance and speed (game performance) and A cards focus on 2D plane quality (high definition image quality);

Map A image rendering is better (intuitively, image is better than map N, but both map N and map A are darker) and more suitable for high resolution viewing. definition video.

N-cards allow you to play games faster than A-cards. As a rule, large game development companies have optimized games developed by N cards.

The N card driver is more advanced than A card.

The advantage of N card is that frequency of video card can reach almost 100%. Disadvantage: high power consumption. Card A has advantage of low power consumption. Drawback: software optimization. not enough;

The N-card architecture has extremely high execution efficiency and strong flexibility, and it is easy to reproduce proper performance in practical applications, but it is difficult to control power consumption, and fewer processors also limit its theoretical processing power;< /p> Graphics and text explain difference between a computer graphics card and a card.

Card A architecture has advantage of theoretical processing power, but execution efficiency is low, it does not adapt to complex and variable tasks, and it needs software support to reproduce proper performance.

The above is difference between map n and map.