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What does CPU mean? Computer CPU usage too high


I believe that many friends have experienced a situation where computer's CPU usage is too high. When CPU usage is too high due to insufficient CPU resources, computer often freezes easily or becomes unresponsive. So what is CPU and how to solve this problem when CPU usage is too high? The following article will detail solutions when CPU usage of a computer is too high.

What is a processor?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a very large integrated circuit that is computing core (Core) and control core (Control Unit) of a computer. Its function is mainly to interpret computer instructions and process data in computer software.

What does CPU mean? Computer CPU usage too high

The CPU mainly includes an arithmetic unit (arithmetic logic operation unit, ALU, arithmetic logic unit), a cache memory (Cache) and a bus (Bus) for realizing data (Data), control and status between them. . It, along with internal memory (Memory) and input / output devices (I / O), are called three main components of an electronic computer.

Second, main function of processor

Processing instructions

English Handling instructions; it refers to sequence in which instructions are executed in control program. There is a strict order among instructions in a program, and they must be executed in exactly order given by program to ensure that computer system operates correctly.


English Perform action; function of an instruction is often implemented by a series of operations performed by computer components. According to function of instruction, CPU generates an appropriate operation control signal and sends it to respective components to control those components to act according to requirements of instruction.

Control time

English Time control; Time control is synchronization of time for various operations. During execution of instruction, when and what operation should be strictly controlled. Only in this way can a computer work in an orderly manner.

Data processing

It is designed to perform arithmetic and logical operations on data or perform other information processing.

Its function is mainly to interpret computer instructions, process data in computer software, and execute instructions. Also known as microprocessor in a microcomputer, all computer operations are controlled by CPU, and CPU performance index directly determines performance index of microcomputer system. The CPU performs following four main functions: data transfer, resource sharing, distributed processing, and system reliability. The principle of operation can be divided into four stages: extraction (Fetch), decoding (Decode), execution (Execute) and writeback (Writeback).

Third, cause of computer's CPU usage being too high

⒈)Software causing high CPU usage

This aspect is mainly related to system problems. For example, system is too bloated, too many programs are open, and viruses and Trojan horses on computer cause high CPU usage and slow down computer. The solution is mainly related to optimizing system, optimizing startup items, trying to avoid opening too many programs, and so on.

2) Hardware causing high CPU usage

Actually, there will be no impact on hardwareeven more. For example, if computer is an old-fashioned computer with an original single-core Celeron class processor, then such a computer will easily lead to high CPU usage when opening a few more web pages. no matter how you optimize system, this problem cannot be solved well, mainly due to fact that hardware itself is too low.

Computers now have more than two cores, however. Even entry-level processors can run very smoothly when browsing Internet and when working in office. Therefore, if CPU usage of an old computer is often too high, it is recommended that you upgrade it. The processor or changing computer will solve problem at root. Even though today's entry-level dual-core processors can surf Internet and in office without problems, they also have problem of high CPU usage when running large-scale applications. Computer configuration.

Fourth, solving problem of high CPU usage

Due to hardware, we can only use hardware upgrades to resolve this issue, so I won't type too much here. In following, we will mainly focus on system and software optimization techniques to keep CPU load as low as possible. This method is not very suitable for high CPU usage. In serious cases, if it is too serious, it is recommended to start with a hardware update.

1), exclude viral infection

If your computer has viruses or Trojan horses, Trojan horse malware is likely to take up a lot of CPU resources, especially some stubborn virus Trojan horses that are viciously circulating all time, infecting various system files. , and occupies a large amount of CPU resources. High CPU usage is easy, and even a high CPU cannot withstand repeated running of a large amount of malware. Therefore, if CPU usage is too high, we must first think about whether it is a virus in computer, and run a comprehensive antivirus.

2) After eliminating virus infection, we need to start by optimizing system. First, we suggest that you optimize startup items to prevent unused software from automatically launching, such as some player programs, bank security plugins, etc.

3), close unnecessary program processes

If you find that CPU usage is high, we can go into Task Manager and close some unnecessary programs and processes.

The above is a detailed introduction to CPU features, causes of high CPU usage, and how to solve this problem. I hope all netizens can learn more about CPU by reading this article.