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What is reason that computer does not work? Attached solution steps


When we use a computer, we may encounter a situation where computer freezes and does not run smoothly. This situation is nothing more than software and hardware problems. Software problems mainly include poor system optimization, such as opening many programs at same time, causing computer to freeze and not run smoothly. Hardware problems are mainly related to low computer configuration or hardware failures such as bad hard disk sectors, lack of memory, poor heat dissipation, etc. The following editor will explain the causes of computer freezing and how to fix them.

What is reason that computer does not work? Attached solution steps

First, your computer may be infected with a Trojan virus

Resolution: Update your antivirus software and antivirus.

2: The hard drive has been used too long and hard drive has bad sectors

Resolution: Use Master Lu's disk detection feature to check if hard disk has bad sectors. If there are too many bad sectors, it is recommended to replace mechanical hard drive or buy a solid state hard drive as a system drive.

Third: too many programs lead to insufficient memory

Decision. Replace memory module with a larger capacity module, or open multiple programs at same time as little as possible to reduce memory usage.

Fourth: Too much redundancy or fragmentation on computer's disk

Decision. Clean and defragment your drive.

5: Too much CPU load or not working properly

Decision. Check CPU and graphics card heat dissipation, remove dust, oil, or replace fan, as heat dissipation problems often cause computer to freeze and become unstable.

Six: Poor heat dissipation from equipment due to dust

Decision. Open side cover of main unit and clean dust from fan with a brush. Be careful not to clean circuit board as this will generate static electricity and short out electronic components. Use a brush. Powerful dust blower.

Seven: Game screen freezes, graphics card issue, or graphics card driver issue

Resolution: Go to Device Manager and check if graphics card driver is installed. class video card.

In general, computer failures are relatively abstract in nature, as they are related to software and hardware configurations, and users need to figure out causes themselves. Typically, most cases are caused by users' poor knowledge of computer maintenance. software and running multiple programs, at present we only need to keep one antivirus software, uninstall all software runs and remove redundant software on computer, use "junk cleanup" tool in antivirus software to clean computer from junk can solve a non-smooth problem. For users who do not know how to maintain a computer, it is recommended that if your computer freezes and does not work smoothly, you can directly remake the system, and if it does freeze, check for other reasons.