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Are gaming flash drives better than regular ones?


Today, many computer hardware or peripherals are labeled with games, such as esports monitors, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, etc. It is true that gaming hardware is better than regular hardware, as is a memory card for gaming. better than conventional memory cards?

Are gaming flash drives better than regular ones?

If you look at in-game memory card, you will find that in-game memory card is often very large, and there will be a shell that is a metal vest. The main function is to improve heat dissipation ability of memory cards, such as Kingston HyperX, ADATA's game Veyron, GALAX GAME, CORSAIR Avengers and Chi-Fantasy Lightning are gaming memory cards.

1. Time

I won't explain timing here. It's too professional. You just need to understand that timing is one of parameters of memory cards. He is represented by CL. If frequency of two memories is same, smaller CL timing value, better performance. The timing of gaming memory cards is often relatively short.

2. Particles

Memory particles are used to store data, which is a very important part of memory cards and main part that determines performance of memory cards. There are currently three main particle manufacturers: Samsung, Hynix and Micron.

Let's take a Kingston memory card as an example. Look at fourth letter in red circle: H - Hynix, S - Samsung, M - Micron. The quality of memory particles varies during production process, and particles used in game memory are of particularly high quality, if they are of ordinary quality, they are often made from regular flash drives.

Are gaming flash drives better than regular ones?

3. Overclocking

Because high-quality memory particles are used, overclocking capabilities of gaming memory card are better, and maximum performance of memory card can be achieved, while a conventional memory card can either not be overclocked, or can only slightly increase performance.

Generally speaking, if operating frequency of memory exceeds frequency that CPU or motherboard can support, no matter how high base frequency or memory boost frequency is, it will be lowered, so when overclocking current memory card, it must be installed on motherboard. Some settings are done in motherboard, such as enabling XMP or increasing frequency supported by motherboard.

4. Appearance

There is nothing to say about appearance, appearance of game memory card and ordinary memory card is especially easy to distinguish, because game memory card is more beautiful, and ordinary memory card is just naked. The current game memory card is not only supplemented with a heat dissipation vest. In addition, there are various RGB lighting effects.

5. Price

Even if brand, size, and frequency are same, game memory cards are more expensive than regular memory cards. This is due to differences in memory particles, timing, and overclocking potential.


Whether you use game memory or regular memory, you won't feel much difference, because memory is not an important part that determines performance of whole computer, CPU and graphics card are most important, so everyone uses normal memory. you want to play games, as long as memory capacity is large enough, it will basically not affect gaming experience. There is no need to chase game memory too much.