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After updating WeChat, I stole pictures from Moments all day


As we all know, WeChat is like a crazy KPI employee at end of every year:

No, Wechat on Android platform just updated Dark Mode last week. This week, iOS platform actually skipped this feature. Instead, update magical Moments Reply Emoji Pack feature.

What's more, this feature also made it to top of hot searches!

Most netizens still seem to like this feature.

Let's take a closer look at what's been updated in WeChat on iOS platform!

1. A set of emoticons to answer friends' questions

Before, we could only use text to comment on moments, or text + built-in WeChat emoticons.

While this is barely sufficient, they may not reflect my (sha) interest (diao).

The various emoticons collected in WeChat have no other use than fighting pictures in chat.

Maybe WeChat saw our need for breaking walls and finally added this feature to version of WeChat updated yesterday.

How to use it?

Simply open comments in your circle of friends, as usual, and then click on page with smiley.

At this time, I saw that we have more custom emojis in our collection and a full set of uploaded emojis in emoji area.

Choose the emoji you like, hit send, and you're done.

The sent GIF emoji will be automatically converted into a small image and it will be static. You need to press and long press to play.

If you click to go to Moment details page, Gif Expression Pack will return to normal size and can continue playing.

The editor suggests that this may be related to user experience of WeChat. If GIF continues to be featured on main page of Moments, it will be a little annoying.

Click to open emoji package in comments and functions in normal chat are no different. It's no problem to go to friends, complaints, co-productions and add-ons.

Let's tell editor a secret, how many emojis did you collect in Moments?

PS: If you can't submit it after update, just click "Help & Feedback" in top right corner to restore your Moments!

Second, new friend permission settings

Additionally, this update brings everyone's favorite feature, Friends' Privilege Settings.

The new version of WeChat provides member friends with all permissions and mutual friends who can only chat. You can quickly set permissions for one friend.

In future, setting permissions of WeChat friends should be only criteria for checking your relationship. A passer-by or a close friend is just in your imagination.

The most notable features of this version of WeChat update for iOS are above two features, and rest of features still follow pace of Android!


3. Function

This feature was introduced in a previous beta.

Press and hold on a message to bring up "" menu, you can reply to other people's messages, support text, images, videos, applets, etc. content messages .

It is suitable for use in scenes with a large number of people, such as group chats, without confusion.

Fourth, WeChat multiple opening function

Every time we talk about WeChat updates, WeChat double-opening worries everyone most.

After all, one WeChat account for life, one WeChat account for work, and habit of not disturbing each other is normal state of many poor friends. Thus, question of whether WeChat can be opened twice became a hard necessity,

This time, Apple users can finally get their wish! Under [Me]-[Settings]-[Switch Account], you can quickly switch and log in by clicking on an account. Up to 5 account switches supported!

5. Scan to add knowledge

Similar to Android version of WeChat, scanning function has also been improved in WeChat iOS version. Not only is it easier to scan codes, but there is also a new "object identification" feature. !

It can be recognized by pointing at a real object, and then an appropriate introduction pops up, even a purchase link.

Okay, that's all features of this version of WeChat iOS update! Do you also think that first function is very funny?

I'm happy to inform you that some Android users have upgraded to WeChat 7.0.10 beta and they can also post emoji in Moments~ Xiaobian's personal test is effective! Are you that lucky too?

Come on, Doe Too!