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I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use


Today's recommendation is all software is at bottom of box (~o~)~zZ



I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use

Shotcut is a free and open source video editing software.

It is based on FFMpeg and supports hundreds of audio and video formats.

It supports videos up to 4k resolution. Video can also be imported directly via HDMI and webcam.

At same time, it can also set audio range as well as audio filters and adjust audio in various equalization modes.

You can also save your editing steps and save them as a file so you can continue editing later, which is very convenient.

And it's also cross-platform support, supports multiple languages. Of course, there are many powerful features you can try for yourself.


https://apps.apple.com/cn/app/id1515796612 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.moises

I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use

Moises is an application that can extract vocals and accompaniment from songs.

It can extract various instruments and vocals from a song, such as sound of guitar, piano, and various instruments.

And after recognition, each musical instrument and vocal can be downloaded separately or configured for download.

However, his free quota is only 5 songs, and you have to pay to buy more.

Supports Android and iOS.

Puzzle Clock


I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use

Riddle Clock is a particularly useful clock app.

With over a dozen beautiful round watch faces and digital display watch faces, this might be prettiest watch app yet.

Of course there are many widgets you can display, but some straps need to be purchased separately.

Only iOS and Mac versions.

Snow Leopard Quick Clear


I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use

Snow Leopard Quick Cleaner is a very easy to use file management and cleaning software.

It can quickly find file junk, such as software cache, and clean up leftovers, such as files, ad junk, and other file bundles. Mr. Efficiency's mobile phone recorded over 20 G's of garbage collection at once.

At same time, it also has a quick file search function, which is very useful and you can find file you need in an instant. At same time, it also needs super search, such as searching for given file types, extensions, and so on.

It also has a lot of toolboxes like tube image, related image view and so on. And software is free, android version only.


I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use

Tu Dao Dao is an imaging application that has many built-in image widgets.

For example, Jiugongge puzzle/template puzzle/long puzzle, especially when we post in Moments, this little tool is very easy to use.

It also has movie puzzles, especially various famous scenes that can be done with it.

It also has image compression and cropping functions, and it can cut long images for web pages, and it can also create image documents easily.

The above is just a list of some of features, there are many more, Mr. Efficiency won't list them one by one and these features are free.

Android version only.

Figure itching


I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use

Picture Itch is a lightweight image creation application.

Use it to easily make PPT, poster, workflow.

It consists of five modules: rotation (various rotations, symmetrical composition), cropping (overlaying photos to become a library of materials), filling (word cloud, photo wall is easy to make), tiling (e.g. design wall signature). conferences), puzzles (this is main function).

If your brain is big enough, you can use it to create a lot of effects, and there are detailed tutorials to learn.

The material library, text library, and color library make it easy to find what you're looking for. There are about a hundred fonts to choose from, and color palettes are popular colors that grab everyone's attention.

quick search


I recommend 7 unpopular programs, all very easy to use

Kuaisou is a search aggregation website. It has almost all search sites.

Such as academic search, source search, emoji search, data search, image search, ebook search, etc.

There is a site that saves you from having to look for different sites. And search content is also very large.

It can meet different needs, and at same time, there are multiple search options for same category, so you don't worry that you won't be able to find it.