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Parameters you should know when purchasing 【Microphone】!

Parameters you should know when purchasing 【Microphone】!

When buying a microphone, you need to know following parameters:

1. Microphone type. Common types of microphones include condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, and directional microphones.

2. Frequency response range. Frequency response range defines highest and lowest tones that a microphone can pick up, usually measured in Hz.

3. Sensitivity. Sensitivity indicates amount of sound a microphone can pick up, usually in decibels (dB).

4. Noise reduction. The noise reduction function can reduce effect of background noise on recording, and some high-quality products also support automatic noise reduction and other technologies.

5. Directionality. The directivity of a microphone determines range and angle of sound received. Common directions include unidirectional, bidirectional, and omnidirectional.

6. Interface Type: The interface for connecting microphone to a computer or other equipment usually includes 3.5mm audio interface, USB interface, XLR interface, etc.

7. Additional features. Some high-quality microphones also support smart features such as a mute button, volume control, and real-time monitoring.

The above are some of basic parameters you need to know when buying a microphone. Choosing right microphone for your needs and budget can improve the quality and efficiency of your audio recording and voice calls.