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The USB interface you know best also has routines.


If you're a little tech savvy, you should be familiar with USB interface. I think everyone knows what is USB2.0/USB3.0/USB Type C, etc., but even if you think you are very familiar with USB interface, you will inevitably be deceived, because there is no business without fraud.

The USB interface you know best also has routines.

USB interface standard

The USB interface you know best also has routines.

If you don't want to be fooled, you must understand USB interface standards of various specifications. As you can see from above figure, with development of technology, USB interface standard has been updated over many generations. , and gap in speed is getting bigger and bigger. .

Since introduction of USB3.0 interface standard, blue interface can be distinguished at a glance. However, while USB3.0 standard has been running for 10 years, not all USB ports on computers are compliant with USB3.0 standard. Not to mention new USB3.1 Gen2 and even USB3.2. (PS: USB3.2 media can only be USB Type C, but Type C is not necessarily USB3.2)

The USB interface you know best also has routines.

There is a mixed set of USB3.0 ports on market now, not all blue ports can reach 10Gbps, and not all USB Type C ports are USB3.2 compliant, since introduction of USB3.0 standard, market is very chaotic, and it is because of chaotic nature of market that many enterprises can take advantage of it.

A chaotic interface is at core of a business routine

Don't think that merchants here are just unscrupulous small sellers of a particular treasure. In first Apple Macbooks, Apple stated that standard used by its USB Type C interface is USB 3.1, but after testing, speed can only reach 5 Gb / s (3.1 - 10 Gb / s), that is, it is just USB3.0 .

Apple is doing this, let alone small manufacturers, USB3.0 and USB3.1 Gen1, how many consumers can see it?

The standard was later changed. The original USB3.0 was not called USB3.0 but was changed to USB3.1 Gen1, and original USB3.1 Gen1 was changed to USB3.1 Gen2. confused when they see it?

Many U disks or USB related devices on market basically follow USB3.1 standard, but they won't tell you clearly whether it's Gen1 or Gen2, so how can we tell it apart? There are only two methods: measuring speed (there are many programs for measuring speed) and viewing prices.

If USB interface is USB3.1 Gen2 standard, then continuous reading speed can reach or even exceed 500MB/s, and in terms of price, price of USB3.1 Gen1 products is 350/128GB (i.e. 2, 73 yuan per GB or so), and price of Gen2 will be doubled.

More clutter with USB Type C

If there is only a normal USB interface (USB Type A), we can still use standard for separation, there are still three of them: USB2.0, USB3.1 Gen1, USB3.1 Gen2 (if you are still asking me about USB3.0? read again from beginning).

As a result, now that there is USB Type C, it's all over, and it's even more chaotic because Thunderbolt 3 transfer protocol has to use USB Type C interface, so this makes many newbies feel like as long as it's there USB interface Type C, speed will be higher, should be soon.

But really USB Type C is just an interface type or just a shape. I can use USB1.0 standard on USB Type C if you don't like slow speed (192KB per second).

After launch of USB Type C, it was originally designed for USB 3.2 (20 Gbps). To implement USB 3.2 standard, it is necessary to connect devices that are also USB Type C, and because of advantages of this interface, such as multiple pins. As an approved Thunderbolt transmission protocol, USB Type C uses Thunderbolt transmission protocol, reaching ultra-high speeds of 40Gbps.

The USB interface you know best also has routines.

However, some mobile phone and PC manufacturers use a common USB interface (USB type A) on one side and USB type C on other. Do you think this is in line with USB3.2 standard? non-existent. Here is form for understanding.

The USB interface you know best also has routines.


We remind everyone that having a USB Type C interface does not necessarily mean Thunderbolt 3. You should be careful when purchasing. The Thunderbolt interface is no better than a regular USB interface. In addition to being very fast, it can also transmit video signals and charging speed is also very fast. The most eye-catching feature of this interface is lightning bolt sign next to interface. In addition, other than Type C interface at both ends, all other cables or devices cannot comply with USB3.2 and Thunderbolt 3 standards, which also requires vigilance.