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cpu fan error, press f1 to run install solution


Friends who have been using computer for a long time must have encountered a CPU fan error, press F1 to start installation error message, which can not do anything, only press F1 to enter BIOS, for those who does not understand , enter normal operating system is still impossible. Let's see how to resolve CPU fan error message. Press F1 key to launch installer.

When message "CPU Fan Error" appears after booting, press F1 to log in.

cpu fan error, press f1 to run install solution

Reason for CPU Fan Error message:

There is a problem with CPU fan. The system cannot detect fan speed or is not working. If system cannot determine fan speed, it will prompt you to continue to keep your computer safe. Press F1 to continue.


After booting, click delete to enter BIOS setting, enter power and hardware monitor, you will see three together: CPU FAN SPEED, CHASSIS FAN SPEED, POWER FAN SPEED, change first item to IGNORE and second item to N /A The third item is changed to IGNORED Note that your CPU fan is connected to correct interface, usually CPU_FAN interface on motherboard.

Override F1, enter BOOT-boot settings configuration-change waif for "F1" if error is disabled