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Blue screen code 0x00000077 solution


In process of using a computer, we often encounter blue screens and some error codes. What to do if error code 0x00000077 appears on blue screen of computer? Don't worry, there is a small way to solve error code 0x00000077 on a computer blue screen.

Blue screen code 0x00000077 solution

Reason and solution:

1.This is caused by poor contact of memory card or damaged memory.It is recommended to clean case from dust, remove memory card, wipe gold finger with an eraser and reinsert;< /p>

2. If your computer blue screen occurs due to software compatibility, you can uninstall or reinstall software;

3. The computer is poisoned. The method is to open anti-virus software to check and kill virus on computer;

4. If hard drive has bad sectors, you can detect and remove hard drive and also defragment drive;

A few suggestions for users:

1. It is recommended to regularly clean computer case from dust;

2. Do not recklessly install software to prevent computer poisoning;

3. Browse unhealthy websites less and don't easily open websites shared by strangers;

4. Do not run several resource-intensive programs at same time to avoid a blue screen of computer caused by exhaustion of computer resources;

5. It is recommended that you regularly clean up system junk and defragment your drive to avoid bad sectors on your hard drive.