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Two Ways to Optimize Graphics Card Performance


We are often concerned about fact that our graphics card does not support latest games, and we often update BIOS and graphics card driver to achieve goal of optimizing graphics card.

Two Ways to Optimize Graphics Card Performance

1. Video card BIOS update

Updating graphics card BIOS has two aspects. One is to update BIOS of original brand of video card. Its function is similar to updating BIOS of motherboard. This allows video card to perform more functions and fix errors in original BIOS; second is to replace original BIOS of video card of a small factory with a video card of a famous brand same). Of course, updating BIOS of a video card is very dangerous, it is better to have a specialist help you when updating BIOS of a video card.

2. Keep your video card driver up to date

According to relevant statistics, about 60% of users have not updated their graphics card driver since purchasing it. In fact, updating original graphics card driver to latest version can not only fix bugs in old version, but additionally enable features of graphics card hardware, so some hardware features (especially Direct 3D part) can be changed. fully used.

When updating, you must first find out your graphics card model and then go to appropriate manufacturer or large driver site to download latest graphics card driver. When downloading, you need to pay attention to corresponding model, and at same time pay attention to version of driver "For Windows 9X" or "For Windows 2000", otherwise unexpected problems may occur during update. It should be said that updating video card driver is easiest and safest way to improve performance of video card.