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What does Alt key mean? Full list of Alt key functions


Our computer keyboard has an Alt key. Many friends are interested in meaning and use of Alt key, so people often ask such questions in QQ group. Generally, we mainly use Ait key in combination keys. Generally, it is a helper function first. The following article will introduce you to meaning and usage of Alt key in detail. Finally, we will summarize functions of Ali key for you. .

What does Alt key mean? Full list of Alt key functions

What does Alt key mean?

Alt is an English abbreviation for Alternative, which means toggle or select in Chinese. So Alt key is also associated with toggle and selection. Pressing only Alt key is basically pointless. Typically, it is combined with other keys to form a combination key for various special shortcut functions. Specific functions are listed in following Alt key functions. Will be introduced in detail. .

If you don't have a mouse, you can use Alt key to open program menu. On a computer keyboard, Alt key has two left keys and one right key on keyboard. On US-made keyboards, left and right keys serve same purpose. But you know what? On most European keyboards, right Alt key is labeled Al + Gr, and it acts like a Shift key (Shift key) - press Shift key and a letter key at same time to select uppercase or lowercase letters, and finally do it together. Take a look at full list of Alt key functions.

Now focus is on improving work efficiency, so using hotkeys is very important. The system uses more ALT shortcuts, and there are many hotkeys in this series. Everything is sorted. this, I hope you can go and have a good look.

1. Universal snapshot hotkey

When a game or other application software is running, press Alt+PrintScreen key combination on keyboard, when a beautiful picture appears on screen, contents of currently active window or dialog box can be copied to clipboard, and then call "Brush" or other programs for drawing, select "Insert" item in "Edit" menu, and you can call up a beautiful picture. Of course, if we just press PrintScreen key, it will be a full screen screenshot.

2. End Process

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Close Program dialog, select a process and click End Task to quickly end process. And press Ctrl+Alt+Del again to restart your computer.

3. Popup Dropdown

In dialog box, you can press Alt+down arrow key to open selected dropdown list, rather than move mouse to find and click down arrow button in list.

4. Quick View Properties

Press Alt+Enter key combination or Alt-double-click an object while holding down Alt key (for example, folders, files, desktop icons, etc. in right Explorer window, folders in left None window), you you can quickly open its properties dialog. Its function is equivalent to pressing right mouse button and selecting "Properties".

5. Switching DOS windows

Press Alt+Enter to toggle MS-DOS between windowed and full screen modes.