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6 classic must-have components, powerful and free

Browser Vivaldi


Vivaldi Browser is a particularly simple and powerful browser.

This is a new browser created by original Opera browser team, but it uses Chrome core, which is a simple, user-friendly and powerful browser.

It has theme replacement function and you can choose more than 100 kinds of themes.

This has a particularly useful feature, you can add some frequently viewed websites such as Weibo, Wikipedia and news websites and they can be quickly read in left column.

It also supports browsing multiple web pages on same screen at same time, and it also has a quick note-taking feature. You can quickly create notes by right clicking and copying.

It also has a cloud sync function, you only need to register an account, you can save your own notes and settings information.

It also has a smart search feature. For example, if you want to add a new web page, set a language, and add a proxy server, you can use quick search to do this instead of going to settings and searching back and forth, this quickly improves efficiency.

Win, Mac and Linux support.

Marine file


Seafile is an open source network drive tool.

With it, you can create your own network drive, and locally modified files can be synchronized in real time.

It also has powerful team management capabilities, you can share files with groups, as well as rights management, member notifications and other features.

At same time, it also has a special document function and also supports Markdown, what you see is what you get.

At same time, it also has a powerful log function, no matter you log in/access/edit, it has detailed records.

It has a strong security encryption function, supports end-to-end security encryption, and all data is transmitted over HTTPS protocol.

Support for all platforms.

Yueshu PDF Reader


Yueshu PDF Reader is a very good domestic PDF reader.

I recently saw a friend recommend it in background, Mr. Efficiency tried it and it was really good so I recommend it to everyone.

Firstly, it has a simple interface and is very easy to browse. It also supports cross-conversion between PDF and Office files. The conversion rate is surprisingly high. It is said to be 97%. .. up .

It also has rich PDF annotation and editing features, including graffiti circles.

There are also functions such as split, merge and encryption, various skins are also supported, other PSD, mobi, more than 200 kinds of files, there are eye protection modes and so on.



PPSSPP is a PSP emulator.

Sony's game console was released for PS4, but PSP still impresses everyone.

Using this software, it supports all platforms, be it computer or mobile, it can play many of classic games that I played when I was a child, and it has wonderful compatibility as well as frame rate and fluency. also excellent Arrived very well and no aliases.

And it's completely free, and there is also a paid version with more advanced features.

Button Wizard


A small partner in previous comments recommended this tool, Mr. Efficiency tested it and found it very useful.

Key Wizard is a keyboard and mouse simulation program.

You can easily record process and save it. It can be reused. For example, it can easily solve game freezes or daily repetitive operations in office.

At same time, it also has a rich scripting language, you can find your own useful scripts to use.

If you want to understand it in more depth, there is also a detailed study of scripts, you can write script yourself.

Supports Windows, Android and iOS.

BenVista PhotoZoom Pro


PhotoZoom Pro is a tool for non-destructive image enlargement.

We all know that when an image is enlarged beyond its original size, it becomes blurry. With this tool, you don't have to worry about image being blurry when zoomed in.

It uses its own patented technology to enlarge image without distortion.

Not only is it standalone software, but it can also be used as a PhotoShop plugin.

Support for Win and Mac versions.