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Apple and Xiaomi have a "little secret" in common, how many car friends have discovered it?


When it comes to relationships between mobile phone manufacturers, everyone basically looks at each other, almost like "enemies". On Internet, you often find that many mobile phone fans hate each other. Well-known foreign mobile phone brands include Apple and Samsung, as well as well-known domestic brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

But it seems that connecting Apple and Xiaomi is difficult. One of them is leader in iOS camp and other is leader in Android camp. The MIUI system has taken on important task of "birth to fever" since its birth. . Although open source Android system has been customized and optimized by domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and rich features of MIUI have become more recognizable by local users, permissions and base levels of iOS and Android are different.

Speaking of iPhone, I have to remember great Mr. Jobs. While Mr. Jobs hasn't been with us for many years, number of users and activity of iPhone is unmatched by any other mobile phone. iPhone is also first manufacturer of touch screen mobile phones. Compared to era of function keys, it is hard to imagine that mobile phones without a keyboard can play like this. Since then, domestic mobile phones have also begun to truly enter era of intelligent touch screen mobile phones in truest sense of word.

Apple and Xiaomi actually have a "little secret" in common, as name suggests. Both iPhone and Mi have letter "i", for Mi translation is very simple "Mobile Internett", Xiaomi is a mobile Internet company. On day that Lei Jun founded Xiaomi, seven of them drank a bowl of millet porridge together to create a discreet "small business". Now Xiaomi has grown slowly. Lei Jun has always emphasized that it is an Internet company. realize whole ecological closed loop from mobile phones to smart homes. There are still people who miss Xiaomi phones with MI on front, especially classic Xiaomi 2S. Some people say that "i" in iPhone stands for "individual" (customization) and "inspiring" (inspiration), but Jobs still hopes for "internet" internet smartphone (mobile phone) ; later iWatch, iPad, iPod, iMac are same name. It seems that in terms of design, iPhone and Mi have same beautiful vision.

What are stories behind other mobile phone brands? Huawei (HUAWEI) is too simple, what's point of OPPO, vivo, OnePlus and Smartisan?