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Dual hard drives actually have so many benefits! suddenly understood


Even friends who don't know much about laptops probably know that when buying a laptop, you need to choose a model with a solid state drive (SSD).

Judging by current situation in laptop market, almost all laptops are equipped with solid state drives. Maybe some white friends have also found that some laptop ads mention dual hard drives, so what do dual hard drives mean and what advantages do they have over single hard drives?

Double hard drive concept

There is no precise definition of dual hard drives. This saying is being spread from laptop users, and it's somewhat different from desktop users' dual hard drives.

Two hard drives in a laptop usually means that laptop contains both a solid state hard drive and a mechanical hard drive. The system and software are installed on a solid state hard drive, while files and data are stored on a mechanical hard drive. This is generally accepted definition of dual hard drives.

Currently, common combination of dual hard drive design is M.2 SSD + 2.5" mechanical hard drive.

Dual hard drives actually have so many benefits! suddenly understood

M.2 SSD + 2.5" mechanical hard drive

The reason laptop manufacturers offer concept of two hard drives is because internal space of laptop itself is limited.

Due to thin and light design, many laptops only support one SSD.

When SSDs were first used in laptops, due to small capacity of SSDs, most of them were concentrated around 128 GB. uncomfortable.

To solve this problem, manufacturers have added both solid-state and mechanical hard drives to laptops at same time. This design has been in demand by users since its inception.

Precisely because dual hard drive design solves user problems, it has become an important feature promoted by laptop manufacturers. Today, solid state hard drive capacity of thin and light laptops has reached 512 GB, and many small and light laptops have also abandoned dual hard drive design.

However, dual hard drive design is still popular in laptops larger than 14" and business laptops and thin and light laptops in mid-range and lower price segments are more concentrated.

Double benefits of a hard drive

Personally, I prefer dual hard drive design, which offers two benefits.

The first advantage is balance between speed and capacity. This advantage is obvious, and it is also a problem that needs to be solved at beginning of design of a dual hard drive.

Solid-state hard drives provide superior read and write speeds, especially 4K random read and write speeds, which are much faster than mechanical hard drives; Currently, laptop mechanical hard drives are mostly at TB level, which far exceeds capacity of SSDs. -state hard drives.

It is difficult for a single hard drive to meet dual needs of users for speed and capacity at same time, and two hard drives perfectly solve this problem.

Dual hard drives actually have so many benefits! suddenly understood

For friends who don't know how to partition, only C drive confuses

The second benefit is that you don't have to worry about losing data after a system problem occurs. Some friends may also have found that there is only one C drive in laptop they just bought, which is single SSD version.

Many friends don't know how to split files into sections and then save all data on desktop. If there is a problem with system, this data may be lost.

The dual hard drive does not have this problem. Users can store all data on a mechanical hard drive. Even if there is a problem with system disk, mechanical hard disk will not be affected and data will be more secure. .