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How to put a wireless mouse into code pairing mode?


Theoretically, a wireless mouse corresponds to a receiver. The signal sent by mouse can only be received by its own dedicated receiver or a receiver of same type within a certain range. Other brands or other models of receivers or too far is unacceptable.

How to put a wireless mouse into code pairing mode?

1. Install battery.

2. When receiver is in code pairing state, press left, middle and right keys at same time for 3 seconds to put mouse into code pairing mode to realize mouse and receiver pairing.


1. The duration for receiver to enter pairing mode is 60 seconds, and mouse or keyboard setup to enter pairing process must be completed within these 60 seconds.

2. For same set of products, this mandatory code matching process can be repeated many times.

Third, if one of mouse or keyboard in keyboard and mouse set doesn't match, all you have to do is force code to match wrong part.

4. Forced pairing of products of different models is strictly prohibited.

Let's share with you how to tell if wireless mouse receiver is broken

If you have another good wireless mouse or receiver, you can replace it and try to see what problem is. If you don't have multiple wireless mice, you can only use troubleshooting method. Most wireless mouse failures are caused by following reasons.

1. Low battery.

2. The USB receiver has been moved to a different USB port.

3. Move USB receiver to another computer.

4. There is (RF) interference from more powerful wireless devices such as "wireless speakers, computer power supplies, smartphones".

5. Use a wireless mouse on a metal surface.

6. Connect USB receiver to a USB hub and other unsupported devices such as a KVM switch. Some wireless mice support these devices, but many do not. With exception of above possible reasons, if mouse still does not work normally, it can generally be determined that problem is with receiver.