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Motherboard system time slowing down? What's happened?


Phenomenon: The computer has been used for a long time and system time is slow. After resetting time, same situation will repeat every few days.

Diagnosis and troubleshooting: fault can be replaced by main board battery first, if fault still exists, then carefully inspect main board. Next to motherboard battery is a resistor-sized, two-terminal component housed in a silver-white metal case. Since clock oscillator used in a computer is a clock circuit made up of capacitors, resistors, and quartz crystals, it can be a circuit component. on motherboard. Time inaccuracies caused by failure or wear, as well as capacitors and quartz crystals, are usually main causes of inaccuracies.

Motherboard system time slowing down? What's happened?

The solution to this problem is to clean circuit board next to timing circuit with anhydrous cotton swab. If fault persists, capacitor and quartz crystal must be replaced. When soldering, pay attention to solid grounding of soldering iron, or turn off power of soldering iron, so as not to damage motherboard due to static electricity. New motherboards shouldn't be that much of a hassle, just contact your dealer directly.