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Elimination of bad contact of video card of computer


Computer graphics card poor contact refers to a failure caused by poor contact between graphics card interface and motherboard slot. The specific characteristic is that computer does not turn on and a beep sounds, or system is unstable and crashes. A bad graphics card contact is usually caused by oxidation, dust, poor graphics card quality, or case baffle problems.

General troubleshooting steps for a failed graphics card

If your computer is making poor contact with your graphics card, you can fix it in one of following ways.

1. First, open case and check if graphics card is securely inserted. If not, remove video card and reinstall it.

2. If it is still not installed, check case baffle and name baffle position so that graphics card will install properly.

3. If video card was inserted safely, remove video card, then dust off video card socket and motherboard, and wipe oxidized part of video card gold finger with an eraser. Then install video card and test it. If the problem is fixed, it is a bad contact due to dust.

Elimination of bad contact of video card of computer

4. If problem persists, use a replacement to check if there is a compatibility issue with video card, and if so, simply replace video card.

After turning on computer, display turns black, power indicator is on, and there is no beep

If computer starts with a black screen and does not start, then problem is with computer's hardware. First check reasons for connection, and then check for other reasons.

Elimination of bad contact of video card of computer

1. Open case and find that there is a lot of dust in case, clean computer from dust, and then run test, problem remains.

2. Remove memory module, clean memory gold finger and memory slot, run test after cleaning, and fault remains.

3. Next, remove video card, and then use an eraser to clean golden fingers of video card. After cleaning, install and run test, and malfunction will disappear. It looks like dust breakage is caused by a bad connection.

Note. In case of black screen related computer crashes, usually check for bad pins first and then use replacement method to check if each hardware is working properly.

When restarting computer, image on screen is blurry and accompanied by a lot of noise

After observation, it turned out that noise of computer is due to sound of processor fan, and computer's graphics card is an integrated video card. You should check for software reasons first and then check for hardware ones.

1. First check display data cable connection and make sure connection is normal.

2. Then turn on and off power supply, it becomes covered with dust, and speed becomes low.

3. Clean your computer of dust and replace it with a new CPU fan, and then test it and make sure that sound of computer is normal and blurry screen problem no longer occurs. It appears that motherboard's integrated graphics card is unstable due to CPU temperature being too high, resulting in a blurry screen.

Beeps when you turn on your computer

Because computer starts beeping, it means that computer hardware must be fine, and this may be caused by a bad connection, such as a monitor. First check reason for connection between monitor and graphics card, and then check for other reasons.

1. Bad contact

a. Turn on power switch and look around computer and you will find that computer's hard drive light is blinking as if it is starting up.

b. Then turn off power, check interface between graphics card and display, and make sure there is no connection between them. It looks like problem is caused by a bad connection between video card and monitor, reconnect it and problem is fixed.

2. Video card slot failure

Elimination of bad contact of video card of computer

a. Open case and check graphics card. Make sure it's installed properly. Check memory again and find that memory is installed fine.

b. Then unplug video card, wipe golden finger of video card with an eraser, and install it in computer, and then turn it on to check, but problem persists.

c. Check video card slot on motherboard and find that several pins in video card slot are deformed. It looks like problem is with video card slot.

d. Use pins and other tools to adjust deformed pins, then install video card, run test, computer will start normally and problem will be solved.

Note. If you do not know how to troubleshoot graphics card slot, it is best to ask professional service personnel to fix it so as not to damage hardware.