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How to check performance of a computer video card?


A video card is a very important part of a computer. Its quality determines whether computer can run large-scale games or play videos quickly. Today I will teach you how to evaluate a computer quickly. Computers are really good and bad.

Since computer system is too complex, even if we briefly explain it, it is impossible to finish article, so we are going to start a series, and today we will focus on graphics card.

How to check performance of a computer video card?

GTX 1080 video card

Basics First

This part is really boring, but basic knowledge is basis for understanding graphics cards. I must say, try to be as short as possible and please be patient.

First of all, graphics card is used to process image data of computer. The English abbreviation is called GPU. Is it a bit like CPU? Yes, CPU is used to process all data and image data is processed by GPU.

Graphics cards are divided into two types: integrated graphics cards and discrete graphics cards. Simply put, performance of discrete graphics cards is generally higher than that of integrated graphics cards (while doing so). The integrated graphics card is integrated with CPU and shares system memory as video memory. A discrete graphics card has its own independent video memory and can be disassembled. Graphics cards are used not only for rendering videos and games, displaying images for everyday use, playing videos, etc. They all require graphics cards, but requirements are not too high. Therefore, many ultrabooks and business laptops only have integrated graphics cards and do not require independent graphics cards.

How to check performance of a computer video card?

Currently, most commonly used graphics cards are Intel HD Series Integrated Graphics, NVIDIA Discrete Graphics, and AMD Discrete Graphics. Of course, AMD also makes processors, so they also have integrated graphics (APUs).

After basic knowledge is obtained, let's talk about how to evaluate quality of a video card at highest speed, which requires our first method, model method, as name suggests, is to judge by model of video card . video card video card.

Intel Integrated Graphics Performance Identification

Intel only has an integrated display. His current set is HD series including HD4000 and HD4600, it's very simple. HD is a series, and first digit is algebra, before that there were HD3000 and 2000, which, in principle, were not used by anyone, but performance of latest generation HD6000 is comparable to that of a standalone display. The second digit stands for performance, so HD4600 should have better performance than HD4000, with HD4400 in between.

Intel's previous series was called GMA, it was a very weak built-in display, now it's mostly junk, and watching live streams online is a problem.

How to check performance of a computer video card?

Independent AMD Display Performance Identification

The current mainstream AMD graphics cards start with HD followed by four numbers, such as HD6970, "HD" is series, first is algebraic, and second is performance. As a general rule, a video card with a performance number above 6 is considered a good video card, and higher algebra, better, but there are also models with a very low algebra, but performance is inferior to newer video cards.

The higher last two digits, better performance, but it can only be compared with graphics cards of same type. If first few digits match, higher last two digits, better performance. If first few digits are different, no comparison is made.

Also, AMD's latest model starts with R. Although this is latest form of naming, only HD series is nearly saturated. After release of new graphics card, it was impossible to write model number, so R series was launched. At present, main ones are R9 series and R7 series. As long as it is a R9 or R7 series graphics card, performance is good, but it does not necessarily mean that it is better than HD series. As mentioned above, this is simply because new graphics card doesn't know what to call it.

Just like Nvidia's new titanX, Nvidia also has Kahuang PRO DUO to compete with it, but heat doesn't seem to be as strong as Nvidia's, but two graphics cards should be similar for minesweeping.

How to check performance of a computer video card?

Independent NVIDIA Display Performance Identifier

GT and GTX are currently main Nvidia series on market. So GTX series is generally better than GT series without X.

These two series or one series are named with three numbers, for example GTX980, first number is algebra, and currently main ones are 7th, 8th and 9th generation. The second number represents performance, higher number, better performance, so when your classmate shows off his 610/710 to you with its large 4G video memory, praise him, that's right thing to comfort him. The third digit is generally 0, but also 5, difference is not big.

There is a special GTX10 series. The current mainstream is said to be 7th, 8th and 9th generations. What is name of new generation of video cards? It is a GTX10, such as current GTX1080, so GTX10 series can also be considered as tenth generation graphics card of GTX series.

GTX also has a series of titans, such as previous generation GTX titanZ and previous generation GTX titanX. Judging by their names, you can understand that these are graphics cards that are advertised as king of cards. It is worth noting that this generation of card king is called titanX, which is different from previous generation GTX titanX, without prefix "GTX", it is also called new titan X.

Many Nvidia graphics cards have suffixes. For example, GTX980 and GTX980ti are different. Just take it as an updated version. If model suffix is ​​M, it means that this video card is suitable for video cards on mobile terminals (laptops).

The final series of Nvidia graphics card naming conventions are first four digits, followed by GT. Few people currently use them, so I will not enter further details.

In addition, GT610 is best graphics card in world.

How to check performance of a computer video card?

Learn how to view a video card ladder diagram and video card parameters

The performance of graphics card is derived from naming rules. When using this method, we only need to look at model of video card to find out actual cost of video card. But there are exceptions, such as notorious "vest" from Nvidia, core of video card, in principle, does not change, and it starts up as a new video card with a different name or higher frequency, and actual performance is very poor.

For example, both graphics card models are GT740M graphics cards, one is a 64-bit D3 gt208 graphics card, and other is a 128-bit D5 graphics card, performance gap is almost 50%.

So while we can see general idea through model, it cannot actually determine performance of graphics card. For time being, we will be using two other methods. One of them is a visual check using ladder diagram of video card. and other through Check out actual specifications of this graphics card to judge for yourself.

There are many graphics card ladder diagrams on Baidu, so I won't post them here. Self-viewing performance parameters is a technical job that requires certain basic skills, including architecture of the graphics card core, stream processor, frequency, video memory, etc. You should have your own opinion.

But if it's just a rough guess, a simple model method will suffice.