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I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Today, Amway has 13 black tech apps, each one making you hate other.


i Teaching Assistant

i Learning Assistant is a very practical ChatGPT Android software that supports Android version.

It's free and easy to use, you can use it after opening software, no other redundant operations are required, it's very suitable for zero fund, and it supports functional sections, including: writing articles, encyclopedias, article continuation, polishing style, video scripts, Xiaohongshu style, language translation, olympiad answers, puzzles, general subject question bank, human geography, legal questions, medical questions, content summaries, scientific doubts, weekly report generator, speech draft, grammar correction, poetry creation, title generation, etc.

It is a thoughtful beginner's guide, each feature and use case has a usage example, and it also contains 150 classic questions and examples of frequently asked questions.

It supports AI command sheet section, supports detailed classification function, each classification supports multiple hint templates and hint generators.

Its dialog section supports multiple modes, supports copying responses, supports segmented copying, and supports exporting TXT files for responses.

Overall, it's easy to use and easy to use. Not only does it tell you what thing can do and use cases for thing, it also tells you how to use it and how to ask questions.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


read novel

Kankannovel is a new minimalistic program that supports Android version.

It's like a clean stream, without unnecessary things, minimalistic and beautiful, and in settings you can turn off ads.

Each functional section is intuitive and clear, supports powerful search and classification functions, and can help you find many high-quality novels.

It's stable and smooth, very clean, and supports powerful reading settings, including: brightness, font size, theme, page turning, screen saver, eye protection, night mode, volume key page turning, hidden navigation bar. , an immersive notification column.

It also supports reading aloud, downloading, and reading entries.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Bird's eye view

Feiguan is a high quality video learning and development software; The program supports versions for Android and Apple.

It updates hundreds of carefully selected in-depth videos every day, making it easy for you to gain new knowledge in 10 minutes, supports carefully selected documentaries, supports carefully selected high-quality speeches and various close-up video interviews.

It maintains a documentary section, and categories include: growth, must-see, Douban records, biographies, art gates, technological milestones, etc.

It maintains a speaking section covering thousands of high-quality performances at home and abroad, as well as a discovery section that can help you find many high-quality teaching and development videos.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Dolphin Fiction

Dolphin Novel is a powerful Android reader that supports Android version.

It supports thousands of high-quality sources, supporting not only new features, but also comprehensive reading software supporting vintage books, literature, masterpieces, poetry, foreign literature, magazines, comics, etc.

It's very clean, supports rich reading customization, supports theme customization, read history, download cache.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Tool kit for one knife

One Knife Toolbox is a toolbox for Android; The software supports Android version.

It supports various AI features, including: Xiaohongshu Style, Title Generator, Written Collection, AI Poet, AI Nutritionist, Information Technology Expert, Dentist, AI Yogi, Writing Assistant, parenting assistant, friend support, travel guide, psychologist, lawyer. advisor, weekly report generator, etc.

It supports text-to-speech, speech synthesis, AI drawing, AI chat, daily morning paper, today's hot list, bedtime story, daily article, page turning clock, notepad, scraped screenshots , code launch, article to video conversion, broadcast listening, video analysis, Chinese idiom query, Chinese character stroke order, complete riddles, Xiehouyu ancient poems and essays, idiom solitaire, food calorie query.

It supports PDF to TXT, PDF to DOC, PDF decryption and encryption, Plant Recognition, Animal Recognition, Food Recognition, Image to Animation, Image to Text, Image Clarity, Lossless Image Enlargement, Black and White white image. coloring, video to audio, video to GIF, GIF to video.

It also supports Learning to Program, 2048, Tetris, 3D Rubik's Cube, Backgammon, Block Cutting, White Noise, Merit Wooden Fish, Merit Rosary, and Meditation.

It has many usage scenarios, and every function is practical and easy to use, which helps you a lot in your study and work.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Meow about second dimension

Meow in Second Dimension is a small and fresh cartoon program; program supports Android version, supports Apple version, and can also be installed and used on iPad.

Its main features include: powerful classification and search functions, practical leaderboards and discovery boards, beautiful interface, user-friendly experience and loading speed.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Skip Ads

Skipping ads is a program that automatically skips ads on app launch screen; The program supports Android version.

It is small in size, only 1M, easy to learn and use, and you can open program at a glance. There is only one simple open button, and actual effect is very good.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


The Ultimate Reading

Wushuang Reading is Apple's minimalistic new program; program supports Apple version, it can also be installed and used on iPad.

Its minimalist design, all software has only one simple search button; it's clean and clean, no frills, silky smooth, fast loading, supports multiple reading customization options, and supports downloading. function .

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


crazy questions

Crazy Brushing Questions is a comprehensive free tutorial software for brushing your teeth; The software supports Android version, Apple version, and iPad can also be installed and used.

It supports comprehensive question cleaning function, very fast question update, supports download function, and supports detailed classification functions, including: University, Level 4, Level 6, Graduate Entrance Examination, College Advancement, State Examinations, Compilation . exam, certification exam, high school, junior high school, elementary school.

Among them, text study features include: legal expertise, accounting, construction machinery, medical qualifications, second-level computer, teachers and guides.

The graduate school entrance exam question writing feature includes: professional courses, public courses, college question writing feature includes: GCSE, CET-4, CET-6, and education enhancement question writing feature. includes: entrance examinations for graduate school, advanced training in college.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Yellow Pomelo Watermark Tool

The Yellow Pomelo Watermarking Tool is Apple's suite of multifunctional tools; software supports Apple version.

It supports video download and video watermark removal, supports hundreds of platforms, supports background audio functions to extract video and audio.

It supports removing video background audio, adding text to video, video filter, adjusting video speed, video graffiti, image editing, image blur, image characters, image pixels, and image watermark removal.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


fish kick

Moyu Kik is a creative and high-quality news retrieval software; it supports Android versions and Apple versions.

One program is equivalent to several programs. It supports independent RSS subscription, supports timeline to understand daily events, supports event tracking, supports high-quality content browsing, supports many interesting topics, and supports immersive browsing and viewing. reading.

It uses a card-style design, has beautiful animations and interactions, and whole software has a very high appearance value, which is amazing.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Tarot Wallpaper

Taro Wallpaper is a simple and clean wallpaper software that supports android version.

It is very clean, there are no unnecessary unnecessary things and functions, only one wallpaper function, whole software is very clean, simple and convenient.

Each of his wallpapers are of high quality, very exquisite high-definition images, and support free download.

I Love These 13 Black Tech Apps


Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a very conscientious yoga teaching software; software supports Apple version and can also be installed and used on iPad.

This is a free and easy-to-use app that offers many free yoga tutorials and yoga tutorial videos, including: yoga for weight loss, yoga for weight loss, yoga for health, realm of yoga, 30 days training yoga, etc.

It supports yoga exercise methods and each activity contains a detailed guide, basic steps, precautions and an introductory guide.