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What are the benefits of dual channel memory?


The so-called dual channel should be dual channel, here is memory method of reassembling two memory modules of same size.

One memory is single channel and two memories are two memory controllers to control two memory modules respectively. Therefore, performance is better than that of single channel, but it is necessary to analyze the specific situation in detail.

What are the benefits of dual channel memory?
First, advantages of dual-channel memory

Single memory has only one memory controller, while dual memory has two memory controllers, theoretically doubling memory bandwidth. And dual-channel is two independent intelligent memory controllers with complementary performance, that is, two memory controllers will work simultaneously under normal conditions, and if they need to complement each other, they will coordinate with each other and learn from each other.

That is, in single-channel memory, when reading and accessing memory, it is twice as much as in dual-channel memory. That is, dual-channel and single-channel read memory are same. It's just that dual-channel memory saves half memory read time compared to single-channel memory. This speeds up normal operation of computer when reading.

What are the benefits of dual channel memory?

In fact, when it comes to creating a dual channel memory, you can create a good channel memory by inserting two memory of same size and brand. Why do they have to be same size and same brand? It's because of compatibility of two memories.

If two memories cannot be used at same time, computer will not detect memory and will not boot. Of course, we find a slot on motherboard where memory is inserted, and then we insert two memories.

If your computer is compatible, you can usually turn it on normally and then check your computer's configuration settings by downloading CPU-Z tool. Then check if computer is in a dual channel state.

A friend asked that computer motherboard has 4 memory slots, so can it support four channels? Isn't performance better?

Not many motherboards support 4 channels, so it's not recommended to try 3 channels and 4 channels, just for understanding.

A friend asked if two 2G memory cards would work better than one 4G memory card? In fact, two 2GB memory cards of same brand form a 4G dual-channel memory, and its performance is better than that of a 4GB memory card. memory card.

However, dual channel compatibility must also be taken into account, so this also has negative consequences.